As a leading trading company WUHAN RIDO TRADE CO., LTD located in Wuhan city, central CHINA. The company was established in 2005, worked with many well-known industrial manufacturing companies for almost all auto spare parts, raw materials, machineries and equipments for industrial production.
We always adhere to provide customers high quality and best competitive price and satisfactory delivery time tomeet all needs of customers with sincere service.
We wish to work with you as a representative of the largest manufacturers. We are available to provide you all kind of support so that you could hold your market.
At the same time we are pleased to inform you the following points, where we shall certainly concentrate.

---We do have a distributorship agreement with world’ largest and best automobile spare parts manufacturer. We can supply you all kind of spare parts especially for the Heavy Duty Trucks of European, American and Japanese made. We will provide you the list of our range.
---We can supply you different kind of machineries and equipments for industrial production as per your requirements and can arrange the commission too.
---We can also supply you raw materials for any kind of industrial production.
---During the course of our mutual business relationship we can sign an agreement, where we will work as a purchasing agent for both parties.
---So far the strong competition in Automobile industry is concerned, market plays an important role in identifying the potentiality. Therefore we can furnish you a complete market research package in the region of Republic of China.   
We would like to know more about you and your business interests and would be too pleased to get into a business association with you if you are interested in our line of products. we will provide you the first-class service by supervising the product quality, the appearance of product and package and following up the production schedule, more important is we promise you satisfactory delivery time!

We hope that our above stated information has some value for you. We look forward to a good and mutually beneficial relationship between our two organizations. .