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 Siliconed_wollastonite (No2)

Modified wollastonite as the main technical parameters:
1.Bulk density:>100ml/100g
2.length-diameter ratio: >18锛1
3. ASTM: +18 Mesh 锛1%
5.Silane coupling agent can be detected.
Needle-like structure of wollastonite powder to be used as plastics, rubber, nylon and other polymer-based composite materials, inorganic reinforcing filler. But without a surface treatment wollastonite powder and organic polymer compatibility is poor, hard compound uniformly dispersed in the polymer base. Must be appropriate to its surface modification to improve its compatibility with the polymer base material, and improve fill enhancement. The surface area of wollastonite powder is very important to the main surface modification of wollastonite powder by chemical methods. Surfactants are commonly used silane coupling agent, titanate and aluminate coupling agent, surface active agents such as methyl methacrylate.
Silane Coupling modified wollastonite powder is commonly used in surface modification methods. Modification process is typically used wet. The amount of coupling agent with the required coverage and the ratio of surface area powder. Wollastonite with amino-silane treatment, the amount of about 0.5% wollastonite quality; methyl silane oxygen consumption of propylene quality of 0.75% for the wollastonite, the two modified products were filled with 6% -18 % instead of 30% of glass fiber can significantly improve the mechanical properties of products.