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RD300A 150T Brake Pads Double-head Performing Press
Europe銆丅raizl technology. The machine is applicable for performing process of friction material. Especially it can performing back swith friction material together in on time.
Open type ress. Before pressing, auxiliary cylinder closes tight steel back and four sides of mould cavity, 2 main cylinders will respectively press 2 brake linings. It leaves the mould automatically.
Every mould has an independent oil cylinder, all formed products are having consistent pressure, product has good consistency and quality, appropriate for the product for matching, porcelain and haigh grade new products.
Auxiliarty cylinder presses tight the mould to ensure no material overflowing in the pressing process with very good performing effect.
Mould core can be replaced, mould body is not changed, it’s convenient for replacing mould with low cost.
Press is easily operated, with less area.