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RD341 Electromagnetic Disc Grinding Machine
Electromagnetic disc grinder is used for plane processing of disc lining, mainly consisted of the body, grinder head driver, grinding head driver’s thickness slider and electromagnetic sucker etc. electromagnetic sucker is driven motor 9; Electromagnetic sucker is divided into magnetic force areas, demagnetized area and working area (no magnetized area), electromagnetic sucker in the rotation process, there areas will change along with the rotation. During the working, operator place workpiece in the work area, with the turning of disc, the workpiece enter into the magnetic force area, and at that time, the workpiece is absorbed tightly in the disc, after preliminary and fine grinding, and demagnetizing, then enter into the work area again. Operator will take down the workpiece and put the workpiece to be processed, and the operation can carry on continuously. The process is high precision, the production is high efficiency, and the equipment is good stability.
New RD341 Electromagnetic Disc Grinding Machine meliorate from traditional motor axis link to the grinding head driver. Because the traditional motor axis link to the sand wheel and the motor bearing is normal ball shaft to the heart, motor bearing can not bear the radial force and axial force when grinding. It is easy for bearing to have gap and it leads to unstable quality. But the new RD341 Electromagnetic Disc Grinding Machine use drive head to grinding. Drive head designed according to disc grinding status and with lubrication,so it has high grinding precision, stable quality.