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    RD3132 Multi-function Grinding Machine
    RD3132 is another high precision multi-function disc lining developed by Xianglong Co, Ltd according to the Europe銆丄merican and middle east market’s diversification characteristic of disc brake block demand.It is combined RD3130 straight line combined grinding machine and RD3131 precision combined grinding machine.Its resolved customer’s difficulties of thousands of kinds disc fixed by the same fixture. Indicate by the following drawing: the characteristic of this machine:
    鈶燗dopt intelligence positioning clamp not only can process disc lining process of steel backboard with nail, but also can process disc lining upper steel backboard with many nails and overturning plate, and also can process brake blocks with different sizes and shapes.
    鈶dopt electric adjustment size, convenient and intuitionistic, and the grinder head isn’t connect with motor main axle directly so it escapes collapsed knife, and the process precision is stable.
    鈶hamfer can directly adjust the direction of chamfer sand wheel due to there are hundreds kinds of disc chamfer equipments and every change causes $400.So this mchines operated simple and clear, and avoid changing sand wheel.
   鈶dopts frequency conversion speed regulation with high automation.
Its usage characteristic as follows:
   Usage: This grinder is suitable for grinding specialized machine tool processed on the surface of all kinds of vehicle disc brake block friction material.
   Characteristic: Can guarantee parallelism requirement of friction surface and steel backboard surface. It is suitable for continuous production model of assemble line, automatically finish grinding plane, grinding chamfer and slotting at the both sides continuously.
    Have the characteristics of simply operation, easy adjustment, high precision and high production efficiency etc.