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RD433 Special Outside Grinding Machine for Heavy-load Truck Linings
Technical guidance by Korean company Sangsin, design and manufactured by Wuhan Xianglong Friction Material Co.,Ltd.
Applying to grinding and machining brake shoes’ outside arc for cars, light cars, heavy cars. Three-dimensional adjustable worktable. Spindle system with lubrication oil box to insure the spindle lubrication always in good condition, improve using life of the machine.
Compact construction Machine tool, easy to adjust, and convenient to operate. Customers can change the different positiong mould according to different brake lining with different inner arc radius. That is means it is capable to grind brakes with different kinds of outsider arc (under the force of Pneumatic push-feed system, the grinded inner face will attached on the mould. Fix and machining after positioned by mould outside circularity and mould face).
This equipment is the advanced outside grinding machine in the world. It is Semi-automatic, high machining capacity, high efficiency, and long life. It is Rare good equipment and indispensable for drum brake lining manufacturer.