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RD4205 Brake Lining solidify&cooling Production line
Truck brake lining after inner got pressing formation of multiple layer press plate form, they are loaded into turnover box under high temperature, and directly enter net belt type hot treatment solidifying dryer, brake lining under high temperature will directly enter dryer, enable brake lining to solidify (sulfurize) better锛宎nd make composite material net structure to more even, material quality without segregation. Equipment energy utility rate is high锛宑an save energy compared to traditional method, and reduce environment pollution, make pre convenient for flow line control in production process, good for enhancing product quality.
Through 5-6h solidifying procedure, brake lining enters cooling dryer indicated by fig., due to brake lining to be continuously single piece entering fig. indicated dryer, and mutually isolated, it has formed ventilation interval, so under strong air cooling, temperature of brake lining drops rapidly to room temperature. After brake lining being cooled, then conduct the next procedure: multiple blade cutting, grinding inner arc, chamfering, limit edge grinding, drilling, grinding outer arc and printing mark.
The procedure adopts advanced production technique of North America, America, Canada and other countries, which is worthy friction material to be used and popularized.